Worthington Papain Dissociation System


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WLK003150-1BX Worthington Papain Dissociation System EA 1 bx N/A $351.00  
UNSPSC Code(s):12161503, 12352204
Set of five single use vials of papain and five single use vials of DNase, 100 ml of Earle‘s balanced salt solution (EBSS), and an inhibitor vial for use in the tissue dissociation method of Huettner, J., and Baughman, R., J. Neuroscience, 6, 3044 (1986). Use-tested by Worthington using new-born rat pup spinal cord. The package contains sufficient materials for dissociation of five separate tissue aliquots of up to 0.3-0.4 cm3 each.