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HyStem-C®, Hydrogel Kit


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HyStem-C™ is recommended for stem cell researchers as a starting point for optimization of a cell’s microenvironment since it contains Gelin-S. Gelin-S, or thiolated gelatin (denatured collagen), allows attachment of a wide variety of cell types and takes the guesswork out of the appropriate attachment factors to use.

HyStem-C™ provide an excellent starting point for optimizing the matrix for stem cell culture.since its composition can be easily tailored to find suitable matrix compositions. Unlike an animal-derived extracellular matrix (ECM), HyStem-C™ is fully chemically defined. The hydrogels are based on three biocompatible components: thiol-modified hyaluronan (a major constituent of native ECM), thiol-modified gelatin (denatured collagen), and a thiol-reactive crosslinker, polyethylene glycol diacrylate (PEGDA). HyStem-C™ hydrogels can be customized by adding ECM proteins and by varying the hydrogel compliance to match the stiffness of native tissues.


Reconstituted HyStem-C™ components remain liquid at 15 to 37°C. The hydrogel is formed when the crosslinking agent, Extralink™ (PEGDA) is added to a mixture of Glycosil™ (thiol-modified hyaluronan) and Gelin-S™ (thiol-modified gelatin). Gelation occurs in about twenty minutes after all three components are mixed. No steps depend on low temperatures or low pH. Diluting the components with phosphate-buffered saline (PBS) or cell-culture medium can increase the gelation time.

Volume and Composition

The HyStem-C™ Hydrogel Kits comes in one size:

  • 7.5 ml total hydrogel with three sets of vials that make 2.5 ml each (for small-volume applications)
  • 3x 1.0 ml of HyStem™, 3x 1.0 ml of Gelin-S™, 3x 0.5 ml of Extralink™


HyStem-C™ allows customization of experiments:

  • dimensionality (3-D encapsulation or 2-D plating on top of hydrogel)
  • cell-growth format (96- to 6-well plates and/or tissue-culture inserts)
  • amount and type of ECM protein incorporated
  • hydrogel stiffness

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