surfactant Silwet L-77


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SILWET 77 surfactant Silwet L-77 35ml $167.96  

SILWET L-77 is a unique surfactant designed to improve the spreading
and wetting properties of pesticide spray mixes. SILWET L-77 utilizes

unique organosilicone chemistry which provides the most complete

coverage possible. SILWET L-77 can improve cuticular penetration of

plant surfaces by the spray mix. Optimum application and resultant

effects can be influenced by many factors. Consequently, it is

recommended that careful observation of the spray deposit be made and

adjuvant rates adjusted accordingly. Applications should be made to

ensure thorough coverage without excessive run-off.


Physical appearance Clear, light amber liquid

Pounds per gallon 8.370

Specific gravity 1.0 - 1.01

pH (1.0%) 6.0 - 7.0

Freeze Point less than 35 degrees F

Surface Tension (0.125% v/v) less than 25 dynes/cm

Contact Angle (0.125% v/v) less than 5 degrees F

Draves Wet Time (0.125% v/v) less than 15.0 seconds


(1) SILWET L-77 contains organosilicone surfactants designed to

provide superior wetting and coverage.

(2) SILWET L-77 can improve water penetration of hard to wet soils

and provide more uniform distribution of applied moisture.

(3) SILWET L-77 is generally compatible with pesticides and

fertilizer solutions.

(4) SILWET L-77 may cause excessive foam if not properly added to the

spray tank. To minimize foam generation, add SILWET L-77 to the

tank after all other ingredients are added. If foaming is still

a concern, add an antifoaming agent, such as FOAMBUSTER or COMBAT

PLUS to the tank prior to adding SILWET L-77.

(5) Do not allow spray mixes containing SILWET L-77 to sit over 36hours.