Temperature Controller 5C7-582


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5C7-582 Temperature Controller 5C7-582 EA $566.80  

Bi-directional, H-Bridge control provides for both heating
and cooling with seamless transition. User friendly PC
software allows for configuration in any combination of
PID, On-Off, differential temp. or manual output control. 
The 5C7-582 controller can be used to take the input from
a single sensor and control multiple sets of TE modules
through the client controllers (5C7-583). Based on the
temperature reading, the 5C7-582 will send out the same
power level and current direction  to all of the clients. By
setting up the thermal system this way, much more power
is available to control your thermoelectric modules.  Each
client is a full pulse width modulated H-bridge with
28VDC/25A of available power.
•  Full H-Bridge Control
•  PC Programmable
•  PID or On/Off Control Function
•  PC Configurable Alarm Circuit
•  RS232 and (2) RS485 Communication Ports
•  Set Temperature range of –40 to 200°C
•  5C7-584 Four Digit Display for temp. set and display
•  5C7-583 Client 700 W per controller (up 32 per server)
•  Sensor Selection:
•  TS67 15K -20 to 100°C
•  TS104 50K 0 to 150°C.
•  Input Voltage: 9 to 36 VDC
•  Load Current: 0.1 to 28 A
•  Temperature Resolution: 0.01°C
•  PID Functions:
•  Bandwidth: 1 to 20°C
•  Integral: 0 to 5 repeats per minute
•  Derivative: 0 to 5
•  PWM base frequency: 2.7 Khz
•  Ambient Temperature Range: of 0 to 70°C
•  Power Dissipation: 18 W
•  Output Power Resolution: 0.19%
•  1.75” H x 6” W x 3.63” D
•  Customer Drawing: CDR-00019