RANDOX Antimicrobial Array III (CAP only)

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Chloramphenicol is an antibiotic uwith the ability to treat baterial infection and its use is banned. The Randox Food Diagnostics Antimicrobial Array III CAP only biochip platform has been developed to allow honey producers and laboratories a fast, reliable screening method for this antibiotic.




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Chloramphenicol Glucuronide



Dedicated Antimicrobial Screening for Honey Randox Food Diagnostics is a global leader in honey antimicrobial screening platforms. Our screening solutions provide excellent tools for the quantitative analysis of a vast number of antimicrobials in honey.

Randox Food Diagnostics offer multi-analyte honey screening with the unique patented Biochip Array Technology and a wide range of high quality ELISA assays. For further information on each of our ELISA and arrays, click on the on the links below.