VP 710D2-4


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VP 710D2-4 VP 710D2-4 EA $845.00  

Accessory kit to position the VP 710D2 MultiStirrus for stirring in a container at a distance, such as in a syringe on a syringe pump. Some syringe pumps have a steel or stainless steel enclosure to which the magnetic VP 710D2 is attracted. This interferes with the magnetic stirring in the syringe. Therefore, positioning the VP 710D2 above the syringes allows for more effective stirring by keeping the Magnetic Stirrer away from the pump.

The VP 710D2-4 accessory kit is composed of several parts:

  • VP 710D2-4B aluminum arm that attaches to VP 710D2 with screws
  • VP 710D2-4C Lab Support Stand and Clamp
  • VP 710D2-4A plastic syringe holder for KD Scientific Pump (Legato210) to replace the magnetic metal one that is supplied with the pump

Please let us know if you pump has a magnetic metal syringe holder or clamp and we can make a plastic on for you.

Parts of the VP 710D2-4 kit can be ordered separately.