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RANDOX High Quality, Reliable Urine Analysis

Urine sample applications offered by Randox Food Diagnostics provide excellent tools for screening of antimicrobial and growth promoting compounds. Competitive limit of detections and simple sample preparations are offered across both a range of ELISA tests kits and multiplex biochip platforms using the unique patented Biochip Array technology. Generally the urine sample will only require a simple dilution prior to application. The urine dilution buffer is also provided in each screening kit to ensure no additional buffer preparation is required to carry the protocol.

Equl SKU Product UOM Specification Price(USD)+QTY
R-NT2105 19-Nortestosterone ELISA EA 96 tests $247.00
R-AV3477 Avermectins ELISA EA 96 tests $247.00
R-BF10035 Beta-Agonist FAST Urine ELISA EA 96 tests $247.00
R-BD2382 Boldenone ELISA EA 96 tests $247.00
R-CN1469 Chloramphenicol ELISA EA 96 tests $247.00
R-CB1418 CLENBUTEROL ELISA EA 96 tests $247.00
R-RT3451 Ractopamine ELISA EA 96 tests $247.00
R-SJ2152 Stilbenes ELISA EA 96 tests $247.00
R-STP3468 Streptomycin ELISA EA 96 tests $247.00
R-SZ2147 Sulphadiazine ELISA EA 96 tests $247.00
R-SQ2145 Sulphaquinoaxaline ELISA EA 96 tests $247.00
R-TB2106 Trenbolone ELISA EA 96 tests $247.00
R-ZR2421 Zeranol ELISA EA 96 tests $247.00
R-BL3448 RANDOX Beta-lactam Antibiotics EA 96 Tests $650.00
R-DM2156 RANDOX Corticosteroids ELISA in Urine EA 96 Tests $650.00
R-KT3459 RANDOX Ketamine ELISA in Urine EA 96 Tests $650.00