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Mini Rotator

The revolutionary mini-rotator's smaller size makes it ideal for use on a lab bench; in small incubators, refrigerators, biological cabinets, and fume hoods; or in any other area where space is at a premium. It handles both large and small applications for micro centrifuge tubes and micro test tubes and is a cost-effective, compact addition to any lab.

Its heavy-duty, permanent-magnet motor maintains constant speed, and the variable speed control (2-80 rpm) adjusts mixing action from a gentle slosh to a rapid agitation. For optimum mixing, the chemical-resistant cabinet is fixed at a 20° angle.

The unit comes complete with an aluminum disk head and spring clips for both 5-10 mm and 12-14 mm tubes. The disk will hold 15 tubes at once and does not need to be balanced. The heads are readily interchangeable, thanks to a single-screw attachment system.

  • Speed: Variable speed control
  • Electrical rating: 180VA 50/60Hz
  • Size: 7"w x 10"d x 11"H
  • Electrical: speed control with on/off switch and fuse protected, 6 foot 3 wire cord

Equl SKU Product UOM Specification Price(USD)+QTY
G099A MR1524 Mini Rotator EA $824.20
G099A MR1512 Mini Rotator, 2 - 80 rpm, with aluminum disk and 2 sets of 15 spring clamps for 5-10mm and 12-14mm t EA $824.20