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Xyloglucan (hepta+octa+nona saccharides)


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MO-XGHON Xyloglucan (hepta+octa+nona saccharides) EA 100 mg $273.91  

High purity Xyloglucan (hepta+octa+nona saccharides) for use in research, biochemical enzyme assays and in vitrodiagnostic analysis. 

The oligosaccharides present in the mixture are XXXG, XXLG and XLLG according the letter code naming convention employed by Fry et al.1 where each segment is assigned a single letter based on its sidechain motif: unsubstituted D-Glcp is assigned G, α-D-Xylp-(1-6)-β-D-Glcp segments are named X and β-D-Galp-(1-2)-α-D-Xylp-(1-6)-β-D-Glcp is assigned L.

1.                Fry, S. C., York, W. S., Albersheim, P., Darvill, A., Hayashi, T., Joseleau, J. P., Kato, Y., Lorences, E. P.,                   Maclachlan, G. A., McNeil, M., Mort, A. J., Reid, J. S. G., Seitz, H. U., Selvendran, R. R., Voragen, A. G. J. &               White, A. R. (1993). Physiol. Plant, 89, 1–3.

Purity ~ 95% Powder

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