Wheat Germ Agglutinin

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Off-white lyophilised powder (affinity purified).

WGA is a non-blood group specific lectin.It has an affinity for oligomers of N-acetyl glucosamine with activities being reported as GlcNac < (GlcNAc)2< (GlcNAc)3 = (GlcNAc)4 < (GlcNAc)5a.

WGA at a concentration of 20 µg/mL gives a 50 % agglutination of a 2 % suspension of human red blood cells [type O(H)].Incubations performed for 1 h at room temperature in phosphate saline buffer (PBS).*

UV absorbance (in 10 mM phosphate buffer,pH 7.0) lmax= 275.8;lmin= 250.5 nm
Solubility:1 mg/mL in PBS (pH 7.2);~ 1 mg/mL in 1 mM Tris/HCl (pH 7.4);
> 10 mg/mL in 100 mM acetic acid.

Storage temperature:2 - 8oC.(or -20oC)
Shelf life:> 3 years (at -20oC).
Safety statement:Please refer to the MSDS sheet for this product on the Megazyme website.

- single major band band on SDS-gel electrophoresis (MW = 18,000);several very minor bands.
- reportedbpI of 8.7 +0.3 for isolectins I,IIa and III;and pI 7.7 +0.3 for isolectin IIb.

Figure 1.SDS-PAGE analysis of WGA.Electrophoresis wasperformed using a 14 % acrylamide gel.
lane A,low molecular weight markers (in-house standards);
lane B,Competitor WGA,10 µg;
lane C,Megazyme WGA,10 µg;
lane D,low molecular weight markers (in-house standards).