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RANDOX Tartaric Acid

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What is Tartaric Acid?
Tartaric acid is one of the key elements monitored during the winemaking process due to its role in maintaining the stability of wine. It is found in significant concentrations in grapes but this can vary based on factors including the variety of grape and the vineyard soil content.
Why test for Tartaric Acid in wine?
Tartaric acid plays a key role in the stability of wines and influences the taste, colour and odour of the final product. A high tartaric content in a final bottled wine is indicative of the wine being unstable, due to this, it is important for winemakers to monitor the levels of tartatic acid present in wine. Generally it has been recognised that between 0.5-10 g/l is the average acceptable level and the Randox Food Diagnostics kit for measuring tartatic acid allows winemakers to measure between to this range.