RANDOX Total Sulphite (TSO2)


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What is Total Sulphite (TSO2)?
All wines contain sulphur dioxide (SO2) in various forms, collectively known as sulphites. During the wine making process, SO2 is used as an essential additive, predominantly for its suppression of yeast and bacterial action and its anti-oxidant properties.

Why test for Total Sulphite (TSO2) in wine?
SO2 is present in wine in unbound (free) and bound forms. Only free SO2 is active as an antimicrobial and antioxidant preservative. Given that a proportion of SO2 added to wine becomes inactive when it binds to components such as polyphenolics and sugar, and with legal restrictions on SO2 levels in wine, it is useful for wine producers to quantify both Free SO2 and Total SO2. This kit is suitable for the quantification of Total (free and bound) SO2 in wine.