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SOS-ChromoTest kit, for rapid detection of genotoxicity or DNA damage.

Product No:5031

The SOS ChromoTest TM kit is based on a novel genetically engineered E.coli, which measures the primary response of a cell to genetic damage. In just a few hours, the kit provides a clear, completely objective measurement of the genotoxicity of a sample by a simple visual qualitative evaluation of the degree of DNA damage the cell experiences by observing the colour obtained. A more quantitative value may be obtained by spectrophotometry using a micro-plate reader. The SOS ChromoTest analyses are highly correlated with the Salmonella 'Ames Test' for certain materials.

Each kit contains all the reagents and disposable materials necessary to test at least four samples, including dilutions and controls.

A single SOS ChromoTest  kit can be used for a total of 96 unit tests. These tests must include standards and controls (using at least 16 units). Thus, a single kit can screen 80 samples for yes/no responses.

For quantitative measurements, it is often necessary to allow for an adequate range of sample dilutions and replicates, thus testing five to ten samples with each kit.  Below is an example plate used to detect the DNA damage when a genotoxic material is exposed to the SOS ChromoTest bacteria.

SOS Gene Response System

Potential applications of the SOS-ChromoTest that take advantage of the genetically engineered strain of E. coli, including testing of effluents for possible mutagenic or carcinogenic genotoxic compounds. It provides for an evaluation of potential genotoxicity, and is a convenient research tool

SOS-ChromoTest™ Kit: a 4-hour microplate genotoxicity bioassay, based on a specially engineered E. coli strain; 96 tests, or approximately 5 to 10 samples with dilutions and controls.

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