Nisco Encapsulation Unit – Var J30

Nisco Encapsulation Unit – Var

Nisco Encapsulation Unit – Var J30 ...

Phadebas® Amylase test, 50 tablets 1301

Phadebas® Amylase test, 50 tab

Contains 50 Phadebas® Amylase Test tablets. Includes instructions for use in Eng...

Megazyme Total Starch Assay Kit (AA/AMG) K-TSTA-100A

Megazyme Total Starch Assay Ki

The Total Starch (AA/AMG) test kit is used for the measurement and analysis of t...

Worthington Collagenase, Type 1 LS004196

Worthington Collagenase, Type

Worthington Collagenase, Type 1 LS004196...

Drummond Portable Pipet-Aid® XP2 Pipette Controller 4-000-501-I

Drummond Portable Pipet-Aid® X

Drummond Scientific developed the original Pipet-Aid and has continues to innova...

SI Vortex-Genie2 SI-0256

SI Vortex-Genie2 SI-0256

Rugged and reliable, the ORIGINAL Vortex-Genie 2 is our most popular vortex mixe...

Advanced Biomatrix Bovine Collagen Solution 5005-100ml

Advanced Biomatrix Bovine Coll

PureCol® collagen is known as the standard of all collagens for purity (>99.9% c...

Encapsula Standard Macrophage Depletion Kit (Clodrosome + Encapsome) CLD-8901-10ml

Encapsula Standard Macrophage

Clodrosome is a multilamellar liposome suspension in which clodronate is encapsu...


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