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PureCol®-S, Collagen Standard, 3 mg/mL


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BM-5015-20ML PureCol®-S, Collagen Standard, 3 mg/mL EA 20 mL Gel Ice $279.50  

PureCol® -S collagen is provided as a standard for use in assays  where ultra-pure collagen is required.  PureCol®-S collagen standard is approximately 97% Type I collagen with the remainder being comprised of Type III collagen.  It contains a high monomer content as measured by gel permeation chromatography.  This product is supplied at approximately a 3 mg/ml concentration.  The concentration is confirmed by Biuret protein determination assay.  The concentration for each specific lot is provided on a Certificate of Analysis that is available with the purchase of each product.  PureCol®-S is soluble atelo-collagen in 0.01 N HCI, therefore, the pH is approximately 2.0.

PureCol® -S is ideal for using as a collagen standard in controlled testing and assay procedures. PureCol®-S  is sterile filtered and is supplied as a ready to use solution.

Parameter, Testing, and Method

PureCol®-S  Collagen Standard Solution
Catalog # 5015-A

Sterilization Method




Package Size

20 ml

Storage Temperature

2-10 °C

Expiration Date

Listed on product label and Certificate of Analysis


(Biuret Protein Determination)

2.9-3.2 mg/mL


(collagen concentration)

> 99.9%


Approx. pH 2, 0.01 N HCl

Gel Time
(Gel Time Assay)

< 40 minutes

(Fibril Formation)

>0.5 Absorbance Units

Polyacrylamide Gel Electrophoresis

> 85% collagen containing within alpha, beta, and gamma bands < 15% collagen contained with bands traveling faster than alpha


No growth

Endotoxin (LAL)

< 1.0 EU/ml

Cell Attachment Assay



Bovine Hide – Pepsin Extracted









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