endo-1,4-β-Xylanase (Cellvibrio japonicus) [ME-XYNACJ] - $282.49 Equl offers Enzyme Assay Kits, Reagent Mixtures, Enzymes, Glycobiology, Amylase Test, Carbohydrase Tablet Tests, Protease Tablet Tests, Cofactors and Stains, Soluble Chromogenic Substrates, Insoluble Chromogenic Substrates, etc 

endo-1,4-β-Xylanase (Cellvibrio japonicus)


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ME-XYNACJ endo-1,4-β-Xylanase (Cellvibrio japonicus) EA 500 Units $282.49  

High purity recombinant endo-1,4-beta-Xylanase (Cellvibrio japonicus) for use in research, biochemical enzyme assays and in vitro diagnostic analysis.

CAZy Family: GH10

Recombinant. Catalytic domain from Cellvibrio japonicus. 
In 3.2 M ammonium sulphate.

Specific activity: 38 U/mg (40oC, pH 5.0 on Wheat arabinoxylan); ~ 62 U/mg (60oC, pH 5.0 on wheat arabinoxylan).

Store at 4oC.

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