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CM Cellthru BigBead Plus

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Product Code11022
Bead Size300-500µm
Matrix Structure4% agarose, hardened
Flow rate5000cm/h*
Binding Capacity50mg BSA/ml resin
Cleaning0.5M NaOH
Storage Conditions20% ethanol, 2-8C
Temperature stability range0°- 60°C
Functional ligandCarboxyl
Ion Exchanger TypeWeak cation
Counter ionNa+
pH stability range2-14
Chemical stabilityCommon aqueous, organic, high salt, denaturants
Physical stabilityNegligible volumbe changes due to pH or Ionic state
Drug master fileU.S. Food & Drug Administration

*Flow rate determined in a 1.5x5cm column

- Large particle diameter allows crude material to pass through the column with little to no backpressure during direct capture
- Four different ion exchange chemistries can be used with a variety of bead sizes
- Highly robust, chemically stable beads are ideal for process-scale separations
- High product recovery, up to 95%
-cGMP manufacturing; Regulatory Support File available

Ion exchange Cellthru BigBead Plus resins are made of a hardened agarose matrix with ion exchange groups attached through a spacer arm. Hardening increases the chemical and mechanical stability of the matrix. CM Cellthru BigBead Plus is a large particle, weak cation exchanger where capacity is a function of pH.

Cellthru BigBeads can be used for viscous feed streams and direct capture and also function in standard packed-bed applications using specially manufactured columns. Scale up from pilot to production scale follows a linear relationship, reducing the time spent on method development.