IDA Chelating Cellthru BigBead

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Product Code37311
Bead Size300-500µm
Agarose concentration4%
Molecular exclusion limit 20 million Daltons
Flow rate12,000cm/h*
Binding Capacity>50mg hemoglobin/ml
Cleaning0.5M NaOH
Storage Conditions20% ethanol, 2-8C
Temperature stability range0-60 C
Functional ligandIminodiacetic acid
pH stability range2-14
Chemical stabilityHigh salt, 0.1M NaOH (<2hr), 6M guanidine, 70% ethanol
Drug master fileU.S. Food & Drug Administration

*Measured on 1.5 x 5cm column

IDA Chelating Cellthru BigBead is an immobilized metal affinity chromatography (IMAC) resin that separates proteins via their differences in affinity to various metal ions. There are a number of metal-chelating resins that differ by how strongly they bind a given metal. For instance, NTA resin is a tetra-dentate chelator, leaving two coordination sites on a transition metal available to bind complexing moieties on proteins, such as Histidine repeats. TED resins are penta-dentate, leaving one less coordination site in the chelated metal for binding proteins. Thus, TED typically has less binding capacity than NTA. IDA Chelating resins are tri-dentate and typically have very high binding capacities in comparison to other chelators. IDA Chelating Cellthru BigBead is sent uncharged, for you to decide which transition metal to complex with the resin. Typically, users find Ni, Fe, Co, Cu, or Zn most effective. Optimizing the separation usually requires some method development. IDA Chelating Cellthru BigBead is recommended for viscous feed streams or direct capture in dilute cell culture.

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