Papain Actigel

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Product Code6700
Bead Size60-160um
Agarose concentration4%
Spacer arm5 atoms
Flow rate1500cm/h*
Cleaning20mM sodium phosphate, pH 6.2, 1mM DTT, 5mM EDTA
Storage conditions0.1M sodium acetate, 50% glycerol, pH 4.5, 2-8C
Reactive group concentration>30mg/ml
Functional LigandPapain enzyme
pH stability range4-9
Chemical stabilityCommon buffers at pH optimum
Drug master fileU.S. Food & Drug Administration

*Flow rate determined in a 1.5x5cm column

-For F(ab) production via enzymatic cleavage with papain
-High-grade papain withstands up to 50 cleaning cycles with high retained activity
-Very low levels of leaching
-cGMP manufacturing; Regulatory Support File available

Papain Actigel is made by immobilizing high-grade papain onto Sterogene's Actigel ALD. This ensures an exclusively uniform, stable secondary amine linkage between the reactive monoaldehyde groups of the activated resin and the primary amine groups of papain.

Coupling efficiency is simply a function of loading, so higher papain concentrations are available upon request, if desired.

Papain is a thiol protease that requires a mild reducing environment for activity. Cleavage is carried out in the presence of thiol compounds such as cysteine or mercaptoethanol. Cleavage occurs in the hinge region of the lgG molecule, yeilding F(ab)fragments and F(c) fragments. The F(ab) fragment is monovalent, and therefore cannot simulate antigen crosslinking or precipitation.