Protein A Cellthru 300 Plus

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Product Code37676
Bead Size200-300um
Agarose concentration4%
Flow rate10,000cm/h*
Binding capacity35mg h-IgG/ml gel (static); 28mg h-IgG/ml gel (dynamic)**
Cleaning6M guanidine, pH 10; 50% methanol, 0.5M NaOH, 15min; 0.1 NaOH 30min - 1hr
Storage conditions20% ethanol, 2-8C
Temperature stability rangeAmbient
Functional ligandRecombinant Protein A***
LeachingLess then 15ng/mg
pH stability range2-10
Chemical stability1M Na2CO3, urea, high salt, guanidine, 50% ethanol/methanol
Drug master fileU.S. Food & Drug Administration

*Measured on 1.5 X 5cm column
**Determined at 100cm/h flow rate and 13cm bed height
***Purified without animal-sourced materials

Protein A is a cell wall protein derived from Staphylital aureus. Protein A has ability to bind Fc region of IgG molecules and can be used to bind whole immunoglobulin molecules or to scavenge the Fc fragments resulting from an enzymatic digestion. Protein A Cellthru 300 Plus consists of recombinant protein A immobilized to the agarose matrix, forming a stable thioether linkage that results in excellent gel stability, low ligand leaching, and very high binding capacity of IgG. Sterogene offers the same highly stable protein A linkage on two different bead size ranges. Protein A Cellthru 300 Plus is the larger bead diameter version, which is typically better for viscous feeds and diluted unclarified cell culture. The larger bead size allows particulate material to flow through the column without clogging the column or slowing the operation down.

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