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Product Code1703
Bead Size60-160um
Agarose concentration4%
Spacer arm10 atoms, hydrophilic
Flow rate500cm/h*
Cleaning0.15M NaOH
Storage conditions20% ethanol, 2-8C
Functional group to attachNH2 of small molecule
Reactive group concentration30-35umoles
Temperature stability rangeAmbient
Functional ligandCOOH
Blocking agentsEthanolamine
Coupling in organic solventsYes
Coupling in a packed columnNo
pH stability range2-13
Coupling conditionspH 4-6, at 0-22C for 1-16 hours
Chemical stability0.1M NaOH, 8M urea, 6M guanidine, ethanol and common buffers
Drug master fileU.S. Food & Drug Administration

*Flow rate determined in a 1.5x5cm column

-For stable immobilization of small ligands through the primary amine group
-Long space arm facilitates immobilizing peptides
-High flow rates
-High subsititution levels: immobilizations can easily reach 20mg immbolizied protein per ml resin
-Utilizes Sterogene's patented Ultraflow 4 matrix
-Cleanable and industrial process-ready
-cGMP manufacturing; Regulatory Support File available

Carboxygel effectively couples peptides and small ligands. The medium is recommended primarily for linking small ligands in situations where long hydrophilic spacer arms are needed to allow access of the protein. Carboxygel features a high subsitution level and a high coupling efficiency, and is capable of coupling in both aqueous solutions and organic solvents.