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Actigel B Ultraflow 6

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Product Code2712
Bead Size40-160um
Agarose concentration6%
Spacer arm7 atoms, hydrophilic
Flow rate4000cm/h*
CleaningHigh salt, urea, guanidine, 50% ethanol, methanol
Storage Conditions20% ethanol, 2-8C
Functional group to attachThiol, amino, or hydroxyl groups (pH dependent)
Reactive group concentrationQC, or test
Temperature stability rangeAmbient
Functional ligandEpibromohydrin
Blocking agentsMercaptoethanol, ethanolamine
Coupling in organic solventsYes
Coupling in a packed columnNo
pH stability range2-7**
Coupling conditionsDependent on target functional group
Chemical stability8M urea, 6M guanidine, ethanol and common buffers
Drug master fileU.S. Food & Drug Administration

*Measured on 1.5 x 5cm column
**During Operation. The pH during coupling ranges from 7.5-12.

Actigel B Ultraflow 6 is a reactive resin for covalent immobilization of peptides, carbohydrates, and other ligands containing amino, thiol, or hydroxyl groups. Coupling is pH-dependent:

- For coupling thiol groups: pH 7.5-8.5 (forms thioether linkage)

- For coupling amino groups: pH 8.5-11 (form stable 2o amine linkage)

- For coupling hydroxyl groups: pH 12 (forms ether linkage)

Actigel B Ultraflow 6 features epibromohydrine functional groups that react with nucleophilic groups on the ligand. During coupling, the bromohydrine group is activated by adjusting pH for the desired linkage preference.