ActiClean Etox

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Product Code2705
Bead Size60-160um
Agarose concentration4%
Flow rate1200cm/hr*
Binding capacity>20,000EU/ml
Cleaning1N NaOH for 2-16 h
Storage Conditions20% ethanol, 2-8C
Cycle times100
Temperature stability range0-60C
Functional ligandNontoxic and nonmutagenic (proprietary)
pH stability range2-14
Chemical stability1M NaOh, 8M urea, 6M guanidine, ethanol, and common buffers. Incompatible with heavy metals and DNA
Drug master fileU.S. Food & Drug Administration

*Flow rate determined in a 1.5x5cm column

-For removal of endotoxin present in protein preparations, buffers and culture media
-Removes endotoxin to below 0.1EU/ml (may require multiple passes through column)
-High affinity for endotoxin with low non-specific binding; delivers a mass yield of proteins that typically exceeds 95%
-Binds the lipid-A portion of endotoxin in a mixed mode biomimetic affinity interaction (not Polymixin B)
-Cleanable with 1M NaOH (an industry standard for destruction of endotoxin)
-Can be sanitized and reused up to 100 times with minimal loss of binding efficancy
-No detectable leaching
-Nontoxic ligand
-cGMP manufacturing; Regulatory Support File available

In addition to being extremely user-friendly, ActiClean binds more endotoxin that most other solid phase media (besides Sterogene's ReductEtox) without binding more of your purified protein. Both ActiClean Etox and ReductEtox perform well in removing endotoxin at low concentrations where other less specific affinity methods fail.

The hydrophilic agarose backbone reduces nonspecific binding that normally occurs with less hydrophilic methacrylate and acrylamide supports. As a results, protein loss due to non-specific binding is minimized. With its robust, proprietary chemistry, ActiClean Etox can be cleaned with 1M NaOH, an industry standard for breaking down endotoxin. In fact, ActiClean can withstand over 100 regenerations with 1M NaOH before losing significant binding capacity. Together, ActiClean's advantages make it one of the most cost-effective strategies available today for removing endotoxing.

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