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R3711 RIDASCREEN® Nitrofuran (AMOZ) Microtiter plate with 96 wells (12 strips with 8 r call for price none

 Intended use:
RIDASCREEN® Nitrofuran (AMOZ) is a competitive enzyme immunoassay for the
quantitative analysis of AMOZ in shrimps, meat (chicken, pork, beef), liver, fish and whole egg.

General information:
Nitrofurans are synthetic broad-spectrum antibiotics, which are frequently employed in animal production for its excellent antibacterial and pharmacokinetic properties. They had been also used as growth promoters in the pig production, the poultry and fish sector. In long term studies with experimental animals the parent drugs and their metabolites showed carcinogenic and mutagenic characteristics. This has led to a prohibition of nitrofurans for the treatment of animals used for food production. The nitrofuran drugs furaltadone, nitrofurantoin and nitrofurazone were banned from use in food animal production in the EU in 1993, and the use of furazolidone was prohibited in 1995.
The analysis of residues of nitrofuran drugs needs to be based on the detection of the tissue bound metabolites of the nitrofuran parent drugs. Since the parent drugs are very rapidly metabolized, they are not detectable shortly after treatment. The tissue bound nitrofuran metabolites are detectable for a long time after administration and therefore they are used for the detection of the abuse of nitrofurans. Nitrofuran metabolites are found after administration of Furazolidone (metabolite: 3-amino- 2-oxazolidinone = AOZ), Furaltadone (metabolite: 3-amino-5-morpholinomethyl- 2-oxazolidinone = AMOZ), Nitrofurantoin (metabolite: 1-aminohydantoin = AHD) and Nitrofurazone (metabolite: semicarbazide = SEM).

Format:Microtiter plate with 96 wells (12 strips with 8 removable wells each)
Standards:0 ppt (zero standard), 100 ppt, 300 ppt, 900 ppt, 2700 ppt, 8100 ppt
Sample preparation: homogenization, derivation, extraction, centrifugation, evaporation and degreasing
Incubation time:1 h 15 min
Detection limit: shrimps, meat, liver, fish, whole egg: approx. 200 ppt

(corresponding to the standard substance)
Cross-reactions: AOZ: < 0.05 %
AHD: < 0.05 %
SEM: < 0.05 %

Note: For the determination of AOZ we refer to the RIDASCREEN® Nitrofuran (AOZ) test with Art. No. R3703.