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Immunoaffinity Column Rack

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Intended use:
R-Biopharm Rhône has designed a simple and easy to use racking system for performing immunoaffinity column analysis. Inserts are also available for the rack.

General information:

With its solid, chemical resistant structure, RBR‘s variable position immunaffinity column rack gives users a stable foundation to handle multiple analysis. Holding up to 6 columns at a time the rack offers increased sample productivity within a tidy and organised environment. Its compact and smart appearance makes the rack a useful tool for any laboratory.

The rack is suitable for laboratories who are intending to use or are already using immunoaffinity columns in conjunction with the glass barrels, syringes and adapters offered in the IAC accessory pack (AP01).


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 Additional Information:
Increased sample productivity due to multiple column holders.

Lightweight structure allow easy movement around the laboratory.

Chemical resistant, the rack will keep its appearance for longer.

Rack dimensions (6 x 18 mm diameter).

Easy to clean and decontaminate.

Height adjustable.

Inserts (CR2) are available allowing it to be used with vials or evaporation tubes.

Low cost.