PuriTox Trichothecene Plus

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TC-C210 PuriTox Trichothecene Plus 25 solid phase gravity flow clean-up columns call for price none

Intended use:
Solid phase clean-up columns for the purification of trichothecenes from animal feed.

General information:
PuriTox Trichothecene Plus can be used for the simultaneous detection of type A and B trichothecenes by GC. The columns reduce background interference therefore producing better chromatography and improving accuracy of results.

Format:25 solid phase gravity flow clean-up columns
Sample preparation: The toxins are extracted from the sample, filtered and passed through the solid phase clean-up column.

The clean-up columns can be used in conjunction with GC for the analysis of pigmented samples.
Detection limit: 50 ng/ml
Cross-reactions: T-2, HT-2, diacetoxysripenol, neosolaniol, fusarenon X, 3-acetyl DON, 15-acetyl DON, DON, nivalenol
Link:Trilogy Analytical Laboratory

 Follow On: PuriTox Trichothecene Columns Follow On (TC-T220, TC-C210)
Extraction Solvents:Acetonitrile
Shelf life: 3 years.

Reliable: An effective clean-up system producing cleaner chromatography and increased accuracy.
Adaptable: The columns are suitable for testing a wide range of cereal samples.
Rapid: Clean-up in 30 minutes prior to detection by GC
Robust: Can be stored at room temperature