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Zearalenone is an estrogenic mycotoxin produced by the fungus Fusarium graminearum. Zearalenone induces feminization in animals at concentrations in feed of about 1 ppm. Higher concentrations (50-100 ppm) can interfere with conception, ovulation, implantation, fetal development, and the viability of newborn animals. Using monoclonal antibody-based affinity chromatography, ZearalaTest™ from VICAM is the trusted zearalenone test that produces precise numerical results.

ZearalaTest is safe and simple. It can be performed in less than 15 minutes and requires no special skills. Results may be recorded using a digital fluorometer readout or automatic printing devices. ZearalaTest is also ideal as the cleanup step for any HPLC or TLC analysis.With ZearalaTest you have the best of all worlds: sensitivity, simplicity, and speed—quick tests for parts per million levels. In fact, no other test comes close for speed, quantification, and economy.