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Fluorescent-DiD macrophage depletion kit


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8904 Fluorescent-DiD macrophage depletion kit EA 20 mL $1,679.21  

L-α-Phosphatidylcholine 18.8 24
Cholesterol 4.2 11
DiD (lipophilic fluorescent dye: ex/em~648/680 nm) 0.00625 0.0065
Suspended in Phosphate Buffered Saline at pH 7.4

  • Prepared identically to Clodrosome (without clodronate; with fluorophore)
  • Required control since phagocytes can respond to liposome uptake
  • May be tracked by fluorescence methods (confocal microscopy, FACS, etc.)
  • Extruded through 2 µm membranes to ensure that liposomes easily pass through lung capillaries
  • Prepared and packaged under sterile conditions