18NR-T Transparent Titania Paste


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MS002010-100 18NR-T Transparent Titania Paste EA 100g $598.00  

Dyesol's 18NR-T Transparent Titania Paste is formulated to yield sintered film thicknesses of 6-7μm when screen printed with a 43T mesh. Dyesol’s 18NR-T Transparent Titania Paste has highly dispersed and stable anatase nanoparticles.

It is optimised for screen printing using a synthetic 43T mesh screen (or similar). After drying, this paste must be fired at or above 500°C. This results in a transparent sintered layer, with a film thickness of approximately 6-7μm for one printed layer and ~12μm for two printed layers, when using a 43T mesh screen.

The paste exhibits optimal rheological properties that provide good surface uniformity and contains organic binders specially formulated to provide versatile porosity suitable for a range of dye/electrolyte systems.