Zearalenone Immunoaffinity Column (IAC)


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ZEAIAC-1ML Zearalenone Immunoaffinity Column (IAC) 1ml/pcs,25pcs/box $352.04  

Zearalenone Immunoaffinity Column (IAC)

Intended use
The application of IAC on the complicated sample matrix will facilitated the purification of ZEA in food and feed, After this step, the ZEA can be later quantitative analysis by TLC, HPLC ,GC ,LC-MS/MS, EIA.
Capacity: above 500 ng of ZEA
Storage Conditions: IAC should be stored at 2-8℃. Do not freeze.

Clean up of sample extracts for further analysis.

Zearalenone is primarily produced by the mold Fusarium graminearum, which also commonly produces deoxynivalenol, Zearalenone contaminated cereals such as corn , wheat , rice , barley , millet and oats.
Zearalenone have estrogen-like effects , can cause the animals acute and chronic poisoning , caused by animal reproductive dysfunction and even death , posing a great threat to human health. Countries in the world have strict limits on Aflatoxin in food, feed.

Use Principles
The IAC is based on the reaction between antigen and antibody. This ZEA IAC contains gel binding with Zearalenone antibody . ZEA in the samples will be extracted, filtered, diluted and passed through the ZEA IAC. ZEA in the extract will be retained in the IAC by the ZEA specific antibody, the impurity in the extract will pass through. After rinsing to completely remove the unwanted matrix, the ZEA is eluted by Methanol by de-associating the ZEA from the antibody. This elute will be ready for instrumental analysis.

Materials Provided
25 disposable IAC per box, 1ml each

Zearalenone are toxic substance. Please wear gloves to go experimental operation
Used lab wares and Zearalenone solution preferably be soaked with 5% sodium hypochlorite solution soak over night.
Do not use the reagents after the expiration date.
IAC stored at 2-8℃,no not freeze
Reagents should be brought to room temperature (22-25℃) prior to use.

Operation Procedure
Grind the sample in a blender and sieve through # 20 sieve. Sample will not be extracted right away should be store in the refrigerator.
Weigh 20 gram of sample and mix with 4 gram of NaCl, then add 100 ml of 70% Methanol in water.
Homogenize for second minute or shake for 30 minute.
Filter at least 5 ml of the extract through paper filter.
Transfer 5 ml of filtrate and mix with 20 ml of water.
Filter this diluted extract through a microfiber filter
Load 5 ml of this clear solution onto the IAC.
Connect 10 ml of syringe barrel reservoir to the column
Load the column with 5 ml diluted and filtered extract and control the flow rate at 1-2 drops per second. Discard the pass through liquid
Use 5 ml of water to rinse the column and discard the rinse.
Press the air into the column to blow out all the liquid
Use 1 ml of methanol to elute the sample (flow at one drop/2-3 seconds),Slowly blow all methanol out (about 30 seconds)
collect the sample for further testing.