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Photo-Morpholinos incorporate a photo-sensitive subunit cleaved by 365 nm light

Photo-cleavable Morpholinos (Photo-Morpholinos) retain the specificity and efficacy of an unmodified Morpholino oligo but have a photo-sensitive subunit near the middle of the oligo that is cleaved by 365 nm light. The shorter fragments generated from the cleavage have little binding affinity to their target (Fig. 1). Gene Tools will design an optimal Photo-Morpholino for you whether working on translation knockdowns, splice targets, or RNA targets like miRNAs. Photo-Morpholinos give you temporal control of expression, a virtual ON or OFF switch.

Figure 1. Structure of an unmodified Morpholino oligo and a Photo-Morpholino compared

As shown in the figure 1 above (right), the photo-sensitive subunit takes up roughly the same space in the molecule as an unmodified Morpholino subunit and has little impact on Morpholino oligo binding. Photo-Morpholinos are suitable for use in transparent systems as 365 nm light is required to break the photo-subunit.

Photo-Morpholinos can be used to target and bind strongly to the same RNA targets as an unmodified Morpholino oligo but in addition Photo-Morpholinos can be cleaved into fragments with light to restore the normal activity of the RNA target whenever you wish (Fig 2a).

An unmodified antisense Morpholino oligo can be bound to a sense Photo-Morpholino and the RNA target will maintain normal expression until the unmodified Morpholino oligo is released by cleaving the bound Photo-Morpholino with light (Fig 2b). Then the unmodified antisense Morpholino will be released to bind to its RNA target and alter gene expression