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Vivo-Morpholinos enter cells of adult animals


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Vivo-Morpholinos take Morpholinos to the next level

Vivo-Morpholinos* are the knockdown, exon-skipping or miRNA blocking reagent of choice for in vivo experiments. Outstanding results can be achieved systemically with intravenous (I.V.) injection, and modest systemic delivery achieved with Vivo-Morpholinos by intraperitoneal (I.P.) injection. Efficient localized delivery can be achieved by injecting the Vivo-Morpholino directly into the area of interest. If you wish to initially validate the oligo in cultured cells you can use the same Vivo-Morpholino in cultures. However, unmodified Morpholinos, delivered with either electroporation or Endo-Porter, are more efficient in cell cultures than Vivo-Morpholinos.

Vivo-Morpholinos get the job done with two important ingredients

A Vivo-Morpholino is comprised of a Morpholino oligo with a unique covalently linked delivery moiety, which is comprised of an octa-guanidine dendrimer. It uses the active component of arginine rich delivery peptides (the guanidinium group) with improved stability and reduced cost. The Vivo-Morpholino is assembled by coupling the vivo-delivery group to a Morpholino while the oligo is still bound to its synthesis resin, allowing excellent purification by washing the solid-phase resin. Vivo-Morpholinos must be chosen prior to synthesis and cannot be added later because the vivo-delivery group is added to a Morpholino prior to cleavage from its synthesis resin.

Vivo-Morpholinos are offered in three convenient amounts

All Vivo-Morpholinos are provided in 400, 2000, and 10000 nmole quantities as a liquid 0.5 mM stock in phosphate buffered saline ready for injection. For syntheses greater than 10000 nmol please contact Customer Support. All Vivo-Morpholinos are filtered and sterilized. The amount of oligo you will need depends on the experiment and the method of injection. For a typical 20g mouse injected at 12.5 mg/kg I.V. the dose is approximately 25 nmole per injection. This means you will get approximately 16 injections from the 400 nanomole quantity, 80 injections from the 2000 nanomole quantity and 400 injections from the 10000 nanomole quantity

The methods are simple

For best systemic delivery results the injection method of choice is I.V. although I.P. can also be used. The maximum suggested dosage in mammals is 12.5 mg/kg in a 24 hour period; dosing can be repeated daily, however, the sensitivity of organisms to the toxicity of the delivery moiety can vary depending on the type and health of the organism, so it is important to check the tolerance of your organism prior to dosing a group of animals.

For short term experiments (3-day) Gene Tools suggests two days of I.V. injections at 12.5 mg/kg followed by analysis on day 3. Long term experiments should be optimized for your specific goals; however you can try starting with a loading dose equivalent to the short term experiment and then adjust dosage and times to find an optimum for continued delivery. Vivo-Morpholinos were optimized using 4 to 10 week old C57 Black mice and up to 20 mg/kg injections with successful outcomes. However, we have found that younger or older mice do not tolerate Vivo-Morpholinos as well and may require substantially lower doses. In addition the use of compromised mice, such as those with less robust genetic backgrounds, may require further dose limitations.