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Endo-Porter simple delivery reagent


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ENDO-PORTER Endo-Porter simple delivery reagent EA 1ml $411.71  

What is it and how does it work? Endo-Porter is a novel peptide* explicitly designed to do what all existing peptides and lipid-based delivery reagents can not: deliver substances into the cytosol of cells by an endocytosis-mediated process that avoids damaging the plasma membrane of the cell. This mechanism prevents the loss of vital cell contents with its associated toxicity. Endo-Porter requires no interaction with the cargo to be delivered and allows the cargo that is endocytosed along with Endo-Porter to exit the endosome and enter the cytosol. Detailed studies with a FITC-anti-actin antibody fragment (Sigma F-3046) and fluorescent high-molecular weight dextrans suggest Endo-Porter can deliver high concentrations of cargo exceeding 70kD into both adherent and non-adherent cells. Unlike the many delivery reagents that claim effectiveness in the presence of serum, Endo-Porter actually works with serum concentrations up to the 10% standard. Endo-Porter is excellent at delivering peptides, proteins, and Morpholino antisense oligos as well! We do not recommend using Endo-Porter for delivery of large (>100 Kd) proteins, as efficacy is poor.

Endo-Porter has been reported effective for delivering siRNA in HeLa, Huh-7 and Hek293T cultures [Bartz et al. 2011]. Combined with poly-lysine, Endo-Porter delivered siRNA efficiently in rat hepatoma H4IIEC3 cells [Inoue et al. 2008].Endo-Porter has been reported to deliver siRNA in vivo when encapsulated in glucan shells [Tesz et al. 2011, Aouadi et al. 2009]. Our tests have not found Endo-Porter effective for delivery of plasmid DNA.