Morpholino Antisense Oligos


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MORPHOLINO OLIGO Morpholino Antisense Oligos EA 300nmol $606.71  
Morpholino oligos are advanced tools for blocking sites on RNA to obstruct cellular processes. A Morpholino oligo specifically binds to its selected target site to block access of cell components to that target site. This property can be exploited to block translation, block splicing, block miRNAs or their targets, and block ribozyme activity.

Translation Blocking: By sterically blocking the translation initiation complex, Morpholinos can knock down expression of many target sequences completely enough that after waiting for existing protein to degrade, the target protein band disappears from Western blots. Unlike many antisense types (e.g. siRNA, phosphorothioates), Morpholinos generally do not cause degradation of their RNA targets; instead, they block the biological activity of the target RNA until that RNA is degraded naturally, which releases the Morpholino. This means that RT-PCR is not suitable for assaying translation blocking by Morpholinos.