MeCP2 Antibody


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MECP2 MeCP2 Antibody 100 µl at 2.2 mg/ml IgG fraction Store at +4°C Store at +4°C $475.02  

Anti-MeCP2 is supplied as a solution in
0.01 M phosphate buffered saline, pH 7.4, containing
1% bovine serum albumin (BSA) and 15 mM sodium
Antibody concentration: Approx. 0.6 mg/ml



MECP2 antibody

Cat.#: S0676

Rabbit Polyclonal Antibody

Clone ID: polyclonal
Swiss Prot: P51608
Mol Weight: 52.45kDa
Size: 100 µl


DNA methylation is the major modification of eukaryotic genomes and plays an essential role in mammalian development. Human proteins MECP2, MBD1, MBD2, MBD3, and MBD4 comprise a family of nuclear proteins related by the presence in each of a methyl-CpG binding domain (MBD). Each of these proteins, with the exception of MBD3, is capable of binding specifically to methylated DNA. MECP2, MBD1 and MBD2 can also repress transcription from methylated gene promoters. In contrast to other MBD family members, MECP2 is X-linked and subject to X inactivation. MECP2 is dispensible in stem cells, but is essential for embryonic development. MECP2 gene mutations are the cause of some cases of Rett syndrome, a progressive neurologic developmental disorder and one of the most common causes of mental retardation in females. [provided by RefSeq]

Recommended Applications


Applications and Recommended Dilution Factors

WB: 1:100-1:1000

Species Reactivity *

Human, Mouse

*Other species have not been tested

Products Data

Sample (30 ug of whole cell lysate)

A: NIH-3T3


MECP2 antibody

diluted at 1:1000
Sample(30 ug of whole cell lysate)
A:HeLa S3
B:Hep G2
diluted at 1:200


Recombinant protein fragment contain a sequence corresponding to a region within amino acids 1 and 202 of MECP2

Storage Condition and Buffer

0.1M Tris, 0.1M Glycine, 10% Glycerol (pH7). 0.01% Thimerosal was added as a preservative. Keep as concentrated solution. Aliquot and store at -20ºC or below. Avoid multiple freeze-thaw cycles. Purified by antigen-affinity chromatography.

Alternative Names

MECP2 antibody, AUTSX3 antibody, MRX16 antibody, MRX79 antibody, MRXS13 antibody, MRXSL antibody, PPMX antibody, RS antibody, RTS antibody, RTT antibody, Methyl-CpG-binding protein 2 antibody