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Custom Robotic Workstations

With four robot styles and multiple software options, J-KEM is uniquely positioned to offer custom robotic solutions for virtually any lab automation need. J-KEM’s technology makes lab automation as simple as 1, 2, 3.


1 Four Robotic Platforms to Choose From

With four different robotic platforms, J-KEM can select the one that most efficiently automates your unique application. Each platform has its own set of advantages including speed, positional accuracy, power, and price that make it the preferred system for different applications.


2 Custom Solutions

J-KEM offers complete hardware and software solutions for almost any lab automation task. Every workstation is customized with the features and software needed to run your specific application.

Workstations for:

• Weighing • Dissolution • Synthesis • Sorting • Crystallization • Cherry picking • SPE • SPS • Spectroscopy


3 Do-It-Yourself Robotics


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New in 2009


J-KEM offers each of its robotic systems with custom programming, professional installation, and user training. For most researchers, this is the service they both need and expect. For those research teams who prefer to do it themselves, J-KEM now offers each of its robotic systems as a fully configured and tested workstation, but with no pre-installed software. With complete systems starting under $6,000, this is a highly affordable way to introduce robotics to your workflow. Software options are available to support your custom development.


Robotic Solutions

• Custom hardware and software

• Weighing

• Dissolution

• Reformatting

• Solid & Solution phase Synthesis

• Cherry picking

• Solid phase extraction


User Programmable

• All robots include the original source code