MODEL QUAD · Four channel controller


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MODEL QUAD · Four channel controller

The Quad controls FOUR independent reactions! Think of the Quad as a Model 210 on steroids.

Because we’ve never met a chemist with too much bench space, the Quad packs four independent temperature controllers into a single compact unit. Each of the four controller channels has 1200 watts of power, an independent display, and an over-temperature protection circuit.

Contains J-KEM’s patented power control computer which provides 0.1o C regulation of anything.

Complete system includes: one controller, four Teflon thermocouples (12" long, 1/8" diameter), four connecting cords, and four 14/20 joint adapters.

Product Description

At the heart of J-KEM’s controllers is a new, high speed microprocessor that performs 3 functions:

1. Power Regulation
J-KEM’s original power control computer is replaced by a next generation microprocessor. The power control computer is J-KEM’s patented technology that adjusts power to the heater 2048 times per second resulting in 0.1o C regulation.

2. USB Communications
PC communications and free KEM-Net software enables remote PC control, GLP/GMP compliant data collection, and multi-temperature ramps built in an Excel-like table.

3. Upgradable Programming
Software modules can be uploaded to the processor, at no charge, adding new capabilities to the controller. For example, automatic detection of exothermic reactions.

J-KEM’s patented power control computer makes this the only controller that can heat volumes under 100 µL with the safety of 0.1o C regulation.

Additional Information

  • · The Quad controls FOUR independent reactions!
  • · Over-temperature protection circuits
  • · Four temperature displays
  • · Selectable operating modes
  • · 100% solid state design
  • · 0.1o C Regulation & Display
  • · NIST traceable
  • · Advanced PID algorithm
  • · 2 Year Warranty
  • · USB port
  • · Free KEM-Net data logging & control software
Specifications120vac, 15 amps, 1800 watts total, 1200 watts maximum per channel.
Dimensions 5.25” x 7” x 7.5.” (H x W x D)