Precision Controllers-MODEL 270


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MODEL 270 · High safety controller

Designed for processes requiring uncompromising safety. The Model 270 has a built-in, independent, backup controller to guard against heating accidents from equipment failure. The desired temperature is entered into the main temperature controller which regulates heating, and then a high temperature cut-off is entered into the backup limit controller. If the reaction reaches the high temperature limit or a thermocouple breaks, power is turned off to the heater until the controller is manually reset. Both meters independently monitor the reaction temperature. In the event that one meter fails, the other takes over to prevent a heating accident. J-KEM’s design provides independent, 100% redundant control.

Contains J-KEM’s patented power control computer which provides 0.1o C regulation of anything.

Model 270 requires one dual element thermocouple and cord, or two single element.

Complete system includes: one controller, one dual Teflon thermocouple (12" long, 1/4" diameter), one connecting cord, and one 14/20 joint adapter.

Product Description

At the heart of J-KEM’s controllers is a new, high speed microprocessor that performs 3 functions:

1. Power Regulation
J-KEM’s original power control computer is replaced by a next generation microprocessor. The power control computer is J-KEM’s patented technology that adjusts power to the heater 2048 times per second resulting in 0.1o C regulation.

2. USB Communications
PC communications and free KEM-Net software enables remote PC control, GLP/GMP compliant data collection, and multi-temperature ramps built in an Excel-like table.

3. Upgradable Programming
Software modules can be uploaded to the processor, at no charge, adding new capabilities to the controller. For example, automatic detection of exothermic reactions.

J-KEM’s patented power control computer makes this the only controller that can heat volumes under 100 µL with the safety of 0.1o C regulation.

Additional Information

  • · independent, 100% redundant control
  • · Dual temperature displays
  • · Selectable operating modes
  • · Dual fused
  • · 100% solid state design
  • · 0.1o C Regulation & Display
  • · NIST traceable
  • · Advanced PID algorithm
  • · 2 Year Warranty
  • · NEW! - USB port
  • · NEW! - Free KEM-Net data logging & control software
Specifications120vac, 15 amps, 1800 watts
Dimensions 3.4” x 7.75” x 9.25.” (H x W x D)