Temperature Controller 5C7-582


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Model 5C7-582 is a bi-directional, H bridge, thermoelectric module temperature controller. This controller provides for both heating and cooling with a seamless transition. A load circuit power of up to ONE KW is standard.

The controller accepts an input voltage of 9 VDC to 36 VDC. A thermistor sensor is used to monitor the temperature being controlled over a range of –40°C to 200°C depending on the sensor chosen. The temperature can be set through a PC, an optional display (model 5C7-584) or a remote potentiometer.

The H-bridge configuration allows for a seamless transition between heating and cooling. Using a PC and an RS232 interface, the controller can be configured for any combination of PID control, On/Off control, differential temperature control or manual output control. The user friendly communications software requires no programming experience to set up the controller. The RS232 interface has 1500 VAC isolation from all other electronic circuitry minimizing the interference from noise or errant signals. The PC software also provides for several alarm types to be selected, which provide a 5VDC output, rated for 25 MA of current.

The load circuit is pulse width modulated at 2.7KHz and delivers a load of .12 to 28 Amps. Temperature resolution for this controller is .01°C, providing end point control up to ±0.01°C in a well designed thermal system. The internal power dissipation is 18 Watts under full load.


  • Input Voltage:9 to 36 volts DC
  • Output Load Rating:0.1 to 28 ampere
  • Output Max Load (Amps):28
  • PC Programmable:Yes -RS232 & RS485
  • Load Circuit:Solid State "H" Bridge
  • Control Type: Heat and Cool
  • Control Mode:Bi-Directional, Heating AND Cooling
  • Control Algorithm:Proportional (P), Integral (I) and Derivative (D) control that can be selected as P, PI, PD or PID; OR On/Off with adjustable hysteresis
  • Power Resolution:0.19%
  • Bandwidth:1°C to 20°C
  • Additional Options:
    Model 5C7-584 Digital Display
    Model 5C7-583 Client Controller
    24 Volt/150W 
    12 Volt/150W 
    24 Volt/320W 
    12 Volt/320W 
  • Power Control:controls up to 1KW
  • Temperature Control Range:over –40°C to 200°C depending on the sensor chosen.
  • Temperature Resolution:0.01°C
  • Programming:Command Set is provided so programmers may create their own software interface or embedded controller applications
  • Pulse Width Modulation of Output:2.7KHz
  • Set Point Stability:of ±0.01°C
  • Sensors:
    Temperature Range -20°C to 100°C
    TR136 Series ±0.1°C
    TR67 Series ±1°C 
    Temperature Range 0°C to 150°C
    TR104 Series ±1°C
    Temperature Range -40°C to 70°
    TR141 Series ±1°C
    Temperature Range 100°C to 200°
    TR165 Series ±1°C
  • Alarm Modes:selectabe via PC or remote contacts
  • Alarm Output:5V DC @ 25ma, PC-configurable