5R7-350 Temperature Controller


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5R7-350 5R7-350 Temperature Controller EA $71.50  

Oven Industries Model 5R7-350 RoHS Series is an economical, open board electronic temperature controller especially designed to operate with thermoelectric (Peltier effect) modules. Most of these modules may be operated in either a cooling mode or a heating mode depending on current direction. The 5R7-350 RoHS Series may be field configured for either of these operating modes.


These controllers were designed with a proportional / integral control algorithm to provide the best control at the most economical cost. Either a fixed or adjustable proportional bandwidth and integral rate permits optimizing individual thermal systems. The controllers are capable of providing up to 7.5 amperes of current for modules rated at 9 through 26 volts DC with a mounting plate temperature of 25°C.