5R7-350A Temperature Controller


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5R7-350A 5R7-350A Temperature Controller EA $92.30  

Economical, open board temperature controller especially
designed to operate with thermoelectric (Peltier effect)
modules. The 5R7-350 can be field configured for either
cooling or heating mode. These controllers were designed
with a proportional integral control algorithm to provide the
best control at the best price. Either fixed or adjustable
proportional bandwidth and integral rate permits optimizing
of individual thermal systems. This controller is capable of
providing up to 7.5A of current for modules rated at 12 to
24VDC with a mounting plate temperature of 25°C. Additional external heat sinking will permit operating load currents in excess of 7.5A.
•  Solid State PWM PID Control
•  0 to 26VDC output using split power supply
•  Low cost design to control T.E. Modules
•  Will operate down to 9VDC
•  5R7-350-10 for 10K Sensor Applications
•  5R7-350A Remote Pot., dial Scale Plate & Cable
•  Heat sink for ≥ 7.5A
•  TS67 Sensor, 15K, –20 to 110°C
•  Input Voltage: 9 to 24VDC
•  Load Supply: 0 to 24VDC
•  Load Current: 7.5A
•  PWM base frequency: 1Khz
•  Set temp adjust: -20 to 100°C
•  Bandwidth: 0.5 to 5.0°C
•  Integral rate: 0 to 2.55 repeats per minute
•  1.5” (2.14” w HS) H x 2.75” W x 2” D
•  Customer Drawing: CDR-00121