Redi-Check® Photometer Check Set [EQUL-CHECK SET] - $102.96 Equl offers Enzyme Assay Kits, Reagent Mixtures, Enzymes, Glycobiology, Amylase Test, Carbohydrase Tablet Tests, Protease Tablet Tests, Cofactors and Stains, Soluble Chromogenic Substrates, Insoluble Chromogenic Substrates, etc 

Redi-Check® Photometer Check Set


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EQUL-CHECK SET Redi-Check® Photometer Check Set EA $102.96  
Redi-Check® is an easy, economical way to monitor calibration, linearity, and repeatability of Stat Fax® chemistry analyzers and many other filter photometers (both aspirating and tube reading).

Each kit comes with Calibration charts, linearity plots and repeatability records.

Red-Check® is quick and easy... dilute, read, and compare results with pre-determined acceptance ranges. Simulates true test conditions using your own glassware.

  • Graphic records provide instant visual interpretation.
  • Includes data for wavelengths from 340nm - 650nm.
  • Acceptance ranges are provided for both bichromatic and monochromatic readings.
  • NIST traceable absorbance calibration.
  • Long shelf life at room temperature.