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Features & Benefits

• Measure directly in tips – Fast measurements with full sample recovery

• Disposable UV transparent tips – No cleaning or risk of cross contamination

• Protected samples – No evaporation or surface tension effects 

• Fixed 1mm pathlength – Wide dynamic range and no dilution

• External optical fibres – Easy coupling to versatile range of accessories for extended dynamic range

• No moving parts – No calibration or servicing required

• Compact hardware – A small footprint saves valuable bench space

• Dedicated software – Intuitive touch screen interface for minimised training time and streamlined usage

• Laptop Included – Portable touch screen laptop comes with software preinstalled

• UK manufactured – Expert local technical support


Full Sample Recovery

The VersaWave can accurately measure sample volumes as low as 2.5µl directly in the pipette tip and is an ideal tool for measurement of precious samples. It allows full recovery while eliminating the risk of cross contamination, and a 1mm path length means most samples do not need to be diluted. This is especially useful for laboratories working with very small volumes of precious or unique samples such as crystallographers or clinical/forensic investigators. The VersaWave is the only non-destructive micro volume spectrophotometer with reliable measurements and full sample recovery.


High Accuracy, Low Variability

Direct measurements from pipette tips not only increase ease of measurement and sample recovery, but also overcomes many limitations of conventional microvolume spectrophotometers. Sample evaporation can lead to overestimations of concentration and, if working with concentrated protein, can lead to aggregation and precipitation. The VersaWave eliminates this risk by measuring directly from the pipette tip. Detergent, certain buffers, and even proteins can affect the surface tension of samples which can alter path length when conventional microvolume techniques are used, but is not a problem when using the VersaWave due to the fixed, small pathlength of the pipette tip. The VersaWave has no moving parts so does not decalibrate over time, and disposable tips avoid cross contamination and fiddly cleaning protocols. Most samples do not require dilution which is often a source of high variability, and there’s no need for high levels of pipetting skill which decreases variability between users.

Additional Information

Wavelenght range 190 nm – 1050 nm
Spectral Bandwidth < 2 nm
Photometric linearity Better than 1% linearity
Photometric range -0.2A to 2.5A
Absorption precision 0.003A
Pathlength 0.125 mm to 40 mm (dependant on attachments)
Light Source Pulsed Xenon lamp
Lamp Life Up to 10 years in normal operation
Detector UV enhanced 3648 pixel CCD Array
Dimensions 18 x 18 x 17 cm
Weight 2.5 kg
Power Supply 24V DC from supplied adapter (100 – 240V)
Warranty 1 year, extendable to 2

Faster Measurements

Using the VersaWave’s disposable, UV transparent tips eliminates the need to clean any equipment between or after measurements as is the case with some microvolume spectrophotometers. Additionally, most microvolume spectrophotometers such as the NanoDrop™ require precise pipetting of small volumes to place or recover sample which can be time consuming and result in sample loss. The VersaWave requires no tricky pipetting for sample measurement as the sample does not leave the tip, making it ideal for both newer and more experienced users. Intuitive software designed for touchscreens provides immediate access to frequently used measurement protocols, with dedicated modules for different applications. VersaWave’s high dynamic range means most samples do not need dilution, saving more time.



The VersaWave provides full spectrum results in seconds with on screen gauges to indicate the level of purity for nucleic acid or protein samples. Data is easy to export to established spreadsheet software such as Microsoft Excel making it easy to log data. VersaWave’s use of external optical fibre connections allows the use of different holders and measuring devices to increase dynamic range, sensitivity and applications. Versawave accessories include:


Versavette Cuvette Holder: For measurement of traditional glass, plastic or quartz 10mm cuvettes, as well as the full range of micro and reduced pathlength cuvettes with a Z dimension (beam height) of 15mm. This is adjustable with an adapter.


VersaCell: For measurement of high absorbance, low volume samples without dilution. Obtain measurements from as little as 0.6µl of sample with DNA concentrations ranging from 6 ng/µl to 12,500 ng/µl and protein concentrations as low as 0.2 mg/ml. VersaCells are available with pathlengths of 0.125mm, 0.2mm and 0.5mm.


VersaTray: A microvolume cuvette for measurement of minimal volume samples without dilution. Measurements require as little as 0.7µl of sample and can detect as little as 5 ng/µl of DNA up to 7500 ng/µl of DNA. A minimum of 0.1mg/ml of protein can be detected. VersaTrays are available with pathlengths of 0.2mm or 1mm.


VersaFlow: A flowcell attachment which allows on-line monitoring for flow systems. Reactants/products are measured as they move from the reaction vessel along inert PFA tubing and into the flowcell. Up to four wavelengths can be measured simultaneously as a function of time.


VersaProbe Immersion Probe: Allows direct absorption measurements of liquid samples by immersion of the chemically inert probe, and is particularly suited for large containers or constant streams of sample. Optical pathlengths from 2mm to 40mm are available as interchangeable screw-in tips for industrial or scientific applications.


Controlled Atmosphere Work: The flexible optical fibres of the VersaWave allow the bulk of hardware to remain outside atmospherically controlled chambers, such as for work with viruses, infectious, or anaerobic microorganisms while the measuring device remains inside. This protects the VersaWave from contamination, allows easy operation and increases available space inside the chamber.


Custom Applications: Expedeon’s experts have already designed a number of custom attachments for specific applications. Please contact us to discuss any specific needs not already covered by our current range of attachments.



The VersaWave is a versatile spectrophotometer with a number of applications. These include, but are not limited to:

  • •  Protein concentration measurements, either through direct absorption or by indirect techniques such as Bradford, Lowry, and BCA assays.
  • •  Nucleic acid concentration measurements, such as ssDNA, dsDNA and RNA. A wide range of concentrations are measurable due to the high dynamic range of the VersaWave which can augmented by using different attachments.
  • •  Cell density measurements by determining the optical density at 600nm.
  • •  Full spectrum analysis of samples can be completed in a matter of seconds.
  • •  Contaminant measurement for a range of different samples


Cost Effectiveness

The VersaWave has a low buying price when compared to other microvolume spectrophotometers and allows a wider range of applications through versatile attachments. The VersaWave is reliable and doesn’t require calibration or a servicing contract due to the lack of moving parts. The unique VersaTip allows speedy sample reading and all sample can be recovered after each measurement. A small footprint saves bench space and allows the VersaWave to easily fit into the most crowded laboratories. The VersaWave comes with a one year warranty as standard and is extendable to two years. 


Attachment (Pathlength) Established Protein Detection Range (mg/ml) Established  Nucleic Acid Detection Range (ng/µl) Minimum Sample Volume Required (µl) Features and Applications
VersaTips (1mm) 1 – 40 10 – 1,250 2 Full sample recovery, no dilution for most samples, mid-concentration
Standard Cuvette (10mm) 0.1 – 4 1 – 125 Volume for 15mm beam height Measure low concentration or cell density OD600
VersaFlow (1mm) 1 – 40 10 – 1,250 N/A Constant in flow measurements at mid-concentrations in real time
VersaFlow (10mm) 0.1 – 4 1 – 125 N/A Constant in flow measurements at low concentrations in real time
VersaFlow (40mm) 0.02 – 1 0.25 – 32 N/A Constant in flow measurements at very low concentrations in real time. Lowest measurable concentration
VersaProbe (2mm) 0.5 – 20 5 – 625 Probe Immersed Non–destructive  in situ real time measurements for mid-concentrations
VersaProbe (5mm) 0.1 – 8 2 – 250 Probe Immersed Non–destructive  in situ real time measurements for mid-low level concentrations
VersaProbe (10mm) 0.05 – 4