Coagulation analyser


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EQUL-HA-1220 Coagulation analyser EA $4,582.50  

System Specifications
Analysis Parameters    PT, APTT, TT, FIB, VT, PC, PS, APC-R, AT-III, D-Dimer
  Factor II, Factor V, Factor VII, FactorVIII, Factor IX, Factor X
  Factor XI, Factor XII, Heparin
Principle   Scattered Light Detection Method
Sample Volume Required   PT: 25ul
  APTT: 25ul
  TT: 25ul
  FIB: 25ul
Testing Channels   4 Channels
Sample Positions   24
Reagent Positions   6
Testing Time   20-90 seconds
Internal Timer Resolution   < 0.1 s
Repeatability   CV: PT œ 2%, APTT œ 2%, TT œ 10%, FIB œ 4%
Linearity   r >= 0.995
Temperature Control   Sample Incubator 37.0 + or - 0.2
  Reagent Incubator 37.0 + or - 0.2
Operating conditions   Temperature 10-40, Humidity 20%-85%
Display   5.7 LCD display320 x 240 resolution, 256 gray scale
Input   Touch panel and pen, external mouse
Data Storage Capacity   10000 test results
Output   External Printer
Data Communication   RS-232 serial cable
Dimensions L × W × H   410 x 320 x 150
Weight   10 kg
Power supply   AC 90V-250V, 50-60Hz