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Clinical chemical analyser


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EQUL-1900 Clinical chemical analyser EA  
  • Biochromatic 7 wavelength optical system
  • Pre-programmed calculations for kinetic, two point and end-point assays
  • Large color LCD display, Windows CE compatible operating system
  • Lamp save feature
  • Temperature controlled cuvette well : 25, 30, 37
  • Large memory to store 160 test routines (47 preprogrammed) and up to 600 sample results
  • User definable units
  • Reaction curve display
  • Quality control feature
  • Multi-format result output including comprehensive patient report
  • Built-in modem to support long-distance maintenance and software upgrades(optional)

System Specifications
Principle     Absorbance
Wavelengths   340, 405, 500, 546, 578, 620, 670nm, plus one more optional filter available
Display-range   0.000-3.000 Abs
Measurement-range   0.000-2.500 Abs
Resolution   0.001 Abs (display), 0.0001 Abs (calculation)
Half band width   8nm  + or - 1nm
Linearity   r>=  0.999
Flow cell   30μl quartz flow cell
Carry over   < 1%
Minimum volume   200μl
Maximum volume   3000μl
Temperature controller   Peltier 25, 30, 37 + or - 0.1 and ambient temperature
Stability   No more than 0.003A/hour
Display   7" colour LCD (640 x240 resolution, 256 colors)
Input   External mouse and keyboard
Data Storage Capacity   160 test routines (47 preprogrammed), up to 600 sample results
Output   Built-in printer or external parallel printer
Data Communication   RS-232 serial cable
Dimensions L × W × H   360 x 300 x 170mm
Weight   7.5 kg
Power supply   AC 90V-250V, 50-60Hz