Stat Wash® 3100 Manual Microplate Washer


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STAT WASH® 3100 Stat Wash® 3100 Manual Microplate Washer $785.46  
Put an end to squirt-bottle washing! If your lab doesn't require an expensive automated instrument, simply switch to Stat Wash® for clean, fast, and precise results.

Reduce exposure to the potential dangers of splashing biohazards with Stat Wash®, an economical instrument designed to wash immunoassays in microwell strips and plates with professional precision.

Washing 8 wells simultaneously is faster, too. Aspirate and dispense functions are controlled by push buttons on the wash wand. Easy to use and maintain, Stat Wash® includes an 8-probe manifold, a 1L wash bottle, and a 1L safe plastic bottle with a full sensor. Stat Wash® is CE certified.