Stat Fax® 2600 Microplate Washer


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STAT FAX® 2600 Stat Fax® 2600 Microplate Washer $3,786.25  
  • Fully automatic.
  • Washes flat, round, and V-bottom plates and strips.
  • No user adjustments required. Automatic calibration, alignment, and last row detection.
  • Carriers come in two styles, 3x12 for break-apart microwell strips, and an optional 3x8 for non-break-apart microwell strips.
  • 6 ready-to-run wash progams.
  • Large, non-volatile memory stores 50 user-specified wash protocols.
  • Precision operation with constant monitoring of vacuum and pressure. Pump cycles only when necessary for quiet operation.
  • Programmable automatic rinse cycle.
  • Ready to run: bottles, aerosol shield, 8-way manifold included.
  • 12 and 16 position wash heads available.
  • NRTL and CE certified.