Plate washer [EQUL-HA-1300] - $4,290.00 Equl offers Enzyme Assay Kits, Reagent Mixtures, Enzymes, Glycobiology, Amylase Test, Carbohydrase Tablet Tests, Protease Tablet Tests, Cofactors and Stains, Soluble Chromogenic Substrates, Insoluble Chromogenic Substrates, etc 

Plate washer


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EQUL-HA-1300 Plate washer EA $4,290.00  


  • Flat or V-bottom plate and strip washing
  • Large LCD display, Windows CE compatible operating system
  • Large memory to store up to 48 user programmable wash protocols
  • Automatic monitoring of vacuum and pressure, automatic rinse cycle
  • Low residual volume
  • 12-pin wash-head included and 8-pin optional
  • Emergency stop available
  • Liquid warning

System Specifications
Resolution     50μl by step
Dispensing precision   <5% CV at 350μl 
Dispensing accuracy   + or -2% at 300μl
Residual Volume   3μl (standard)
  3μl (double aspiration)
Display   90mm×53mm LCD
Data Storage Capacity   48 user entered wash protocols
Wash-head   12 pin or 8 pin
Operating conditions   10-40
Storage conditions   1-40
Dimensions L × W × H (mm)   405 x 343 x 175mm
Weight   12 kg
Power supply   AC 200-240V, 50/60Hz
Fluid reservoir capacity   Wash, Waste bottle 2L