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Micro-Expression Shaker


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107A DPMINC Micro-Expression Shaker EA $17,116.71  

Scalable High-Throughput Micro-Expression Device for Recombinant Proteins

Our shakers are affordable and can be automated or customized for any vessel. Applications include micro-expressions for recombinant proteins and solution phase synthesis when a good mixture of heterogeneous solutions is needed. In Solid Phase chemistry the pulsation feature is extremely useful for the full reaction of resins, and other materials. In cell culture Glas-Col's density in one plate is equivalent to four plates from other manufactures.

Glas-Col's Micro-Expression Shaker (Vertiga):

  • Performs high or low speed mixing (orbital)
  • Gives repeatable mixing results
  • Uniform temperature
  • 15 to 50 C range /- 0.4C , with new H-Bridge output
  • Lexan front can be opened

These Incubators can be used with:

  • 24, 48 or 96-well deep well plates
  • for other sizes consult the factory

The Incubator/Shaker has the following features:

  • Micro-processor based control technology
  • Speed 100 to 1200 rpm, Speed Display Resolution: 1 RPM, Speed Setting Increment: 10 RPM
  • 4-line back-lit LCD display
  • Built-in digital timer (seconds: 1-60, minutes: 1-60, hours: 1-24)
  • User selectable pulse profile (Pulses-per-minute: 1-100), Ppm-duty-cycle: 1-99 %
  • Timer and Pulse mode may be combined.
  • Communication port (USB)
  • Fail Safe Mode to prevent speed fluctuations
  • Membrane switch user interface (4-button)
  • Soft Start/Stop of motor
  • Optional software for real time data acquisition
  • Orbital offset .070"
  • Furnished with hold down top for 8 or 16 deep-well plates per model
  • Electrical: On/off switch located on right side of unit, 3 wire 5' long cord
  • Size: 11 5/8" x 14 1/4" (platform)
  • Load: 12 pounds maximum