Vortex-Genie- Analog Model [ESI-D256] - $541.71 Equl offers Enzyme Assay Kits, Reagent Mixtures, Enzymes, Glycobiology, Amylase Test, Carbohydrase Tablet Tests, Protease Tablet Tests, Cofactors and Stains, Soluble Chromogenic Substrates, Insoluble Chromogenic Substrates, etc 

Vortex-Genie- Analog Model


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ESI-D256 Vortex-Genie- Analog Model EA 165×122×190毫米 1000-3000 RPM 1000-3000 RPM $541.71  
Supplied with Microtube holder for (12) microtubes (tubes not included), and Pop-off Cup.
Weight 4.3 Kg (9.5 lb)
Base Dimensions
(D x W x H)
165 x 122 x 190mm
(6.5 x 4.8 x 7.5in)
Time range (Analog) 0 - 15 minutes or continuous
Time range (Digital) 0 - 99 minutes or continuous
Capacity Up to 12 - 1.5ml or 2.0ml microtubes (additional holders sold separately, tubes not supplied)
Speed (Analog) 3000 RPM (2850 for 50Hz models)
Speed (Digital) 1000-3000 RPM (2850 for 50Hz models)
Speed Alarm (Digital) On/Off, Adjustable
Warranty 2-year manufacturer warranty
Markings ETL listed (Analog only) / CE (Both Models)